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New Food Friday: Croissants from Mon K Patisserie

Originally Written: March 5 2020

At the very north end of Coxwell Ave. there is a stretch of shops that line both sides of the road. I’m in the area often but I’m usually just in and out in a hurry and haven’t stopped to check out what all is available there. Lately though I’ve been making a point at stopping at @monkpatisserie, a small bakery and coffee shop.

They serve French & Japanese style desserts and pastries as well as baguettes and some other baked items. Anything that I’ve tried there looks amazing and tastes even better. Delicate desserts that aren’t overly sweet. As good as everything has been it’s the croissants that will keep me coming back.

They are the perfect amount of slightly crispy on the outside with soft buttery layers ready to be pulled apart on the inside. They offer plain or a dark chocolate version. It’s easy to take croissants for granted until you have a great one and the ones from Mon K are truly great. They have officially made me a croissant snob so don't even think of offering me one of those burnt Tim Hortons abominations now that I've leveled up my croissant game!


I look forward to my next stop at Mon K. I’m sure I’ll try something new and enjoy, but I know I’ll be getting a croissant that will make my morning!

📍Mon K Patisserie - 1040 Coxwell Ave

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