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New Food Friday: Curry Pan from Godspeed Brewery

Originally Written: March 12 2020

I’ve been making more beer runs during the pandemic than I’d care to admit. @godspeedbeer has been one of my go-to’s when it’s time to restock the fridge and their brews never disappoint.

As much as I appreciate bringing beer home from Godspeed, I truly miss stopping in there for a few. Garage doors open, tunes playing, beers flowing, bowl of addictively numbing sansho pepper edamame being passed around the table, incredible vibes and few better places to spend a Friday night. Feels like ages ago. Now that I’ve depressed myself a little let’s focus on some positives: you can still pick up Godspeed’s fantastic creative beers AND when you do you really should treat yourself to some of their Curry Pan as I did the last time I was there.

This popular Japanese pastry was enticingly placed by the register the last few times I’ve gone in to pick up some beer and I’m not one to turn down a delicious impulse buy. Savoury Japanese beef curry is wrapped in a donut-like dough, that gives it a little sweetness, and then rolled in panko bread and fried. It’s a perfect combo of sweet and savoury and pairs great with their Yuzu saison! (Or any of their delicious beers)

📍Godspeed Brewery - 242 Coxwell Ave.

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