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New Food Friday: Deluxe Stuffed Patties

Originally Written: February 19 2020

This week I checked out a new Patty spot that's had a good buzz since it opened just a month ago. Patties are serious business in Scarborough and as a good Scarberian, a ground beef and scotch bonnet filling practically runs through my veins.

@pattycake_icecream is a tiny spot on Eglinton just east of Midland. Their name says it all. They sell Patties, Cheesecake and Ice Cream. Everything except the ice cream is made from scratch in house. Their patties come in four varieties: Beef, Chicken, Jerk Chicken and Curry Goat. You also have the option to make your patty a little more substantial in the form of a stuffed patty. They’ll add your choice of lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo or coleslaw & plantain into your patty and then put the whole thing on a coco bun.

Their patties are golden and flaky and the fillings are spiced perfectly. The telltale burn of the scotch bonnet peppers adds the perfect amount of heat. The jerk chicken and the classic beef were the standouts for me and the plantain and coleslaw stuffed patty was next level. Tell me something that some fried plantain and coleslaw wouldn’t improve. I dare you!

While the patties are the star here, the cheesecake isn't far behind. It's rich and dense and drizzled with a cherry topping. An excellent choice if you're looking for something sweet!

Every Friday we’ll be sharing something new to us that we’ve tried recently. Could be a new restaurant or a new dish at an old favourite. There’s so much incredible food around this city so we want to help everyone explore their options as best they can!

📍Patty Cake and Ice Cream - 2600 Eglinton Ave E

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