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New Food Friday: Negril's Jerk Hut

Originally Written: February 12 2020

This week I checked out Negril's Jerk Hut. I've passed this place frequently over the years, in a plaza on the north side of Lawrence just east of Victoria park, but had never gone in for whatever reason.

After hearing some great feedback about it I decided to go check it out and was very glad I did as I may have found my new go-to spot for jerk in the area!

Their chicken was really moist and flavorful and the seasoning packed some solid scotch bonnet heat with just a touch a sweetness. I was even more impressed with the rice and peas. They were fresh and delicious on their own. They didn't need to be drowned in their oxtail gravy, which was also excellent.

As a bonus they also sold peanut porridge. While definitely not the most picturesque food, this warm, heavy, stick to your insides porridge is flavoured with peanut, coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. Perfect for a cold February morning!

Every Friday we'll be sharing something new to us that we've tried recently. Could be a new restaurant or a new dish at an old favourite. There's so much incredible food around this city so we want to help everyone explore their options as best they can!

📍 Negril's Jerk Hut - 1730 Lawrence Ave East

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