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New Food Friday: Onnuri Korean Fried Chicken

Originally Written: February 26 2020

This week #newfoodfriday is going to double as #friedchickenfriday because who doesn’t love some good fried chicken? I decided to check out @onnuri_toronto on Pharmacy just north of Mcnicoll, a Korean restaurant specializing in exactly that.

When I went to pick my order up I could see that they have a nice dining space and a good sized patio. Definitely somewhere I would want to come back for a dine-in experience when that is an option again.

They have about a dozen different variations of fried chicken, coated with different sauces and spice powders. I opted for Black Fried Chicken because it looked pretty unique. It was coated in a sticky black sauce with rich sesame flavour. Even though the chicken was coated in sauce and sat in my car for a 20 or so minute drive it was still crispy when I got it home. Very impressive!

Some of the other options on the menu included a few varieties of spicy fried chicken, “snowing chicken” which was described as covered in a cheese powder and a pickled white sauce chicken covered in pickled jalapenos. Based on how good my order was and how interesting some of these options look I’ll definitely be back to try more.

I rounded out my order with a Korean street food classic, Tteokbokki. Pronounced “duck-bow-kee” for those unfamiliar with this stir fried rice cake dish in a spicy sauce powered by gojuchang (a spicy chili paste). Always a satisfying comfort food and something that feels taylor made for a cold winter meal.

📍Onnuri - 3330 Pharmacy Ave

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