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New Food Friday: Pulled Beef Toston

Originally Written: February 5 2020

Earlier this week I checked out @thetostoncuisine, a tiny place in Markham serving amazing Colombian food! The owners were incredibly friendly and after they walked me through the menu I decided to go with the Pulled Beef Toston. Can't go wrong with the dish the place is named after!

Flattened and fried plantain acts as the base to hold a mix of shredded beef, vegetables and herbs. You just basically pick it up and eat it like a pizza. Delicious!

I also tried a variety of their empanadas with fresh salsa. I was instructed to bite into the empanada and then scoop the salsa inside. Great advice! The empanadas were fantastic and the house salsa made everything even better!

With plenty of other tasty looking items on the menu I'll be back soon.

Make sure to check out the Toston, just off Markham Road and a few minutes north of Steeles, if you're looking for some fantastic Colombian food.

Every Friday we'll be sharing something new to us that we've tried recently. Could be a new restaurant or a new dish at an old favourite. There's so much incredible food around this city so we want to help everyone explore their options as best they can!

📍 35 Karachi Dr, Markham, ON

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