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The Local Vibe Blog!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Greetings and welcome to the natural progression of the Local Vibe Tours in Toronto. The Local Vibe Tours started as a way for me to shine a positive light on Scarborough by showing off its amazing and incredibly diverse food scene by hosting food tours in the area. Whether it was Toronto locals who were unfamiliar with the East End or tourists that were eager to see what the city feels like outside of the shadow of the CN Tower, I wanted to be their ambassador and give them their first taste of Scarborough!

I have spent the last two years meeting and eating with so many interesting people from across the globe. I've hosted people from Scarborough to Singapore and everywhere in between and have realized more than ever that food is really the ultimate common ground.

Operating this tour has reignited my passion not just for Scarborough but the entire city and surrounding area. I have found myself exploring and reintroducing myself to every corner of the city in order to search out the best and most interesting food it has to offer. That leads us to what this blog will ultimately be about, I'll introduce my readers to the restaurants I visit, food I eat and people I meet. I look forward to continuing this journey and sharing it with you all!



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