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Toronto Adds Yet Another Amazing Brewery in the East End

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Sample Size Glasses at Avling Brewery
Sample Size Glasses

The East End has become a beer drinkers paradise over the last few years. Roughly within the boundaries of Gerrard, Coxwell, Queen and Broadview there are at least EIGHT breweries operating right now! Having eight breweries all within a very walkable distance makes this the ideal situation for a marathon of a brewery crawl but for now we'll just focus on the newest addition battling for you beer money.

The freshest entry in the already stacked East End beer scene is Avling Kitchen & Brewery. This incredibly ambitious brewpub pairs experimental beers with a very seasonal menu and on top of that, they add farm fresh ingredients...and I mean literally on top, they have created a rooftop garden to provide seasonal veggies and herbs for both their food and their brews.

Avling Interior
Bonus points to the servers that matched their nail polish to the pastel wall colours!

The space is very different compared to a lot of brewpubs around the city. It's huge, airy and colourful. When visiting during the day, sunshine streams in from a wall of windows that look onto Queen Street. Another set of windows separate the tap room from the brewing area that is also flooded with sunlight from a couple of massive skylights. The pastel shaded abstract murals along the walls add to the overall cheeriness and positive vibe of the place. In the evenings the house lights are dimmed and candles illuminate the tables and bar area.

You can tell it's a really nice looking spot because I normally barely care about decor and I just spent a whole paragraph going off about how nice this place ya they did a great job with the interior here!

The Pilsner at Avling
Cheers from Avling Kitchen & Brewery.

More importantly the beers we sampled here were all very good with a few standouts. The Calm Seas Pale Ale was light and refreshing with some really nice fruit flavours, mainly pineapple. Their Saison had a nice citrus and slight sourness going for it and their Pilsner was everything I want in a Pilsner with just the perfect amount of bitterness. They don't offer flights on the menu but if they are not too busy you can order a few sample size pours for a makeshift flight.

Avling Ploughman's Platter
The Ploughman's Platter is great company for some of Avling's beer.

Their main menu (available after 5pm) focuses on local seasonal items. I love a good charcuterie board so their Ploughmans Platter was an easy choice. An incredible selection of pickled vegetables pair great with the smoked salmon and cured meats that are made in house.

Edible Flowers at Avling

Tiny edible flowers from the rooftop garden were sprinkled around the board and they added more than just some colour. They had a peppery flavour and provided some heat to the platter.

I had heard that the Turnip Cake was a must try dish here and I'll admit, I was sceptical. I mean how good could a turnip cake be? Well it can be really really good when it's garlicky, and fried and covered in buttermilk ranch, chilli oil and fresh chives, dill and basil.

Avling Turnip Cake.
Fresh herbs take this Turnip Cake to another level.

If they're not too busy when you visit ask for a quick tour of the rooftop garden. One of the servers should be able to take you up for quick look and it is really impressive.

Avling Rooftop Garden
An impressive amount of crops being grown on the roof.

They have a full time gardener on staff but some of the servers also tend to the rooftop crops. They will spend the first few hours of their shift in the garden before heading down to the tap room. It sounds likes a pretty unique mix of duties.

Avling rooftop garden
The perfect spot for a future rooftop patio?

There are even talks about the possibility of adding some patio space to the roof in the future and I really hope that comes to fruition somewhere down the line. Sipping a pint of their Pilsner in this urban oasis on a sunny Summer day sounds like the perfect afternoon to me.

Next time you're in the area and in need of a pint, definitely give Avling a look. They are doing more than enough to stand out and impress in the crowded Toronto craft beer scene.

Avling Kitchen & Brewery

1042 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON

Avling Kitchen & Brewery
Main entrance to the right and Bottle Shop to the left.

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